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as she often participates in TV and radio programs and holds lectures at colleges and universities, business conferences and church events, as well as in public debates.

Educated at the University of Oslo, Herland has written several books, among which is the bestseller Alarm! Reflections on a culture in crisis (Luther Publishing House 2010), bestseller Respect. ( Orfeus Publishing 2012), Crime and Refuge by Odd Nerdrum in which she Writes a foreword and New Wind over Norway, her latest book (ed)out June 2013 in which Norway’s current prime minister Erna Solberg and a number of ministers and leading voices in Norway participated With separate articles.






An interview of Hanne Nabintu Herland about her new book RESPEKT ( February 2012 Orfeus Publishing) by Monica Øien


An interview of Hanne Nabintu Herland on her bestelling book Alarm! Thought on a culture in crisis. (Luther 2010)












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