NEW VIDEOBLOG: Hanne Nabintu Herland criticizes Norwegian Goverment negativity towards Israel, Liaison Committee Jerusalem, Nov.2012

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From the speech: «For how can a country that used to be a steadfast friend of Israel turn into a nation with a government that refuses to renounce Hamas as a terrorist movement? Prior to the Oslo Peace Accord in 1993, Yasser Arafat was required to denounce terrorism. Today, the Radical Leftwing government silently accepts Hamas’ demand for ethnic cleansing of the Jewish minority while Foreign Ministers like Jonas Gahr-Store pose no major remarks, – until a late interview in 2011, as if the political pressure was so great that he felt obliged to at least say something, but even then the talks and support for Hamas continued.

Norway has not on any level protested and formed lists of unwanted terrorist organizations like the UN, US and EU. Norway has become a state permeated by an unusually hostile view on Israel, and this is reflected on a multi-level in society.

We all know that on the state level, Norwegian taxpayer’s money as well as oil revenues float uncritically by the billions into Gaza as Norway heads the “Ad Hoc Liaison Committee” (AHLC) established after the Oslo Accords 1993, with the task of mobilizing financial support for Palestinian state-building. Yet all Jonas Gahr-Store’s efforts over the past several years in favor of the Palestinians have ended in failure. The inescapable conclusion is that the AHLC no longer has a role to play in the peace process and that the strategy to pay money in order to finance the building of a state, has failed. Not least because nationhood is something that the nation itself must build, foreign aid and money given top-down often doesn’t work as intended, as the case of Africa has shown. It is not surprising that anti-Semitism and hostility towards Israel is a major problem in a country where even on state level there is such biased support for only the Palestinian views of the conflict.»

Read the whole speech here:


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pluss a number of others, several others coming up as well.

The speech:

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